Selamat Datang "اهلا وسهلا" Kepada Pengunjung!!!


Posted by Permata Ibu Bapa Monday, March 21, 2011

Clouds are marching in the gray cloudy sky brings more remote. Fresh air after the rain makes me feel calm in the village site. This is what makes the originality of its beautiful countryside for the immigrants called home. As usual, my mother regularly provides food for lunch. My father is still struggling to correct the drainage ditches that are clogged due to the rain washed away the waste.

Menu today Nyok-Nyok fish curry. Oil, garlic, curry powder, karipulai leaves, tamarind, potato and salt are available. Live milk alone is not yet available. "Dear (name of child), peeled coconut curry mother going to do." Shrill mother. I was then a break on the porch down below to perform a given task with ever cleaner oil.

When I was getting ready to delve into my palm with a leg kick some seeds to choose a suitable fruit to be milk. Suddenly my mother said "Do not kick oil, will fall on his head." "Why so mother?" I asked. "The old person said that." She said. "Ah myth of all is the mother" I replied back.

Upon completion of stripping oil and I put in over the balcony. "The mother already completed coconut." I strengthened the voice to tell. "Parking was there first, the mother will take." My mother said to me.

Udin was then 3 years old was playing his game, once I block it makes me smile and happy, he was crying disturbed the game due to frustration. Behavior between the child's uncles broke the silence of his home village. Cry little perturbation due to clutter the naughty uncle.
After satisfying stir, and then I left it for a while resilient, fifteen minutes later I returned with him in the balcony and I was underneath. Seemed to be an entertainment to see this child cry, I was trying to stir for a second time.

I stirred a bit long and makes the little guy is furious with my actions. Fuelled by oil stored in the upper balcony above, little is continuously raised, and the squash to the top of my head. "Ahh pain." I screamed.

Then my mother interjected. "That is, the mother told you not to soccer coconut oil will be falling on his head." I paused for a moment remembers my mother had early warning. Although I have yet to receive permission of the words but I'm sure this is the consideration arising from the act does not give thanks to the wealth.


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